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WHat is Launch?

Launch is coaching and guidance for young adults, ages 18-28.  As an approach developed over the course of 20 years of working with young people, Launch is dynamic, forward-focused, and action-oriented. It explores what is possible, identifies goals, creates realistic plans, as well as provides support and accountability in taking steps towards those goals.

LAUNCH is a good fit for young adults who may:

  • Have recently graduated or are graduating high school this year and are not sure what they want to do next

  • Be taking a break from college to reorient

  • Want to find a job or a great-fitting career path

  • Want to go in a new direction that holds more meaning and engagement

  • Have had school experiences that focused more on what they were not good at than what they were

  • Have tried to make the next steps happen but haven’t had much success yet

  • Have conflict with parents around “independence” and “responsibility”

  • Feel stuck and are not holding much positivity about their lives

  • Have come out of a placement and could use some extra support

Who is LauNch?


Casey McCarroll  - founder

  • 10+ years running an early career and life coaching practice (Launch)

  • 8 years working as a high school transition and guidance counselor

  • 20+ year wilderness guide (outdoor adventure program director, wilderness therapist, vision fast guide)

  • 6+ year Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

  • 12+ year mentor and mentor trainer/supervisor for Bay Area rites of passage non-profit


...more about Casey here

What people are saying

I hope you know that you have contributed greatly to assist (my son) on his path. I could not be happier. Thank you again. Put this in your column of lives changed. -Parent


I sent my 23-year-old son to see Casey because he needed help in figuring out what he wanted to do with his life.  He had been struggling for several years.  Casey quickly sized up my son, figured out what he wanted, and helped him find a path that he was motivated to pursue.   Just four months after he started meeting with Casey, my son was moving forward in leaps and bounds.  He is now about to begin employment in a job that excites him, energizes him and allows him to have fun while working.  How many people can say that?!  I can't recommend Casey highly enough.  -Parent

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your fees?


I currently charge $145 for a 50-minute session.  


You are a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist but are not providing therapy?


Exactly. I believe that there are many young people that could benefit from support and guidance but don’t need to be treated for a mental disorder.  I really enjoy coaching and mentoring, so that is what I offer. I work therapeutically in some settings but I do not provide therapy, and do not asses for or treat mental illness or pathology in this private practice.  Because of this, insurance will not pay for Launch.  I do often work in conjunction with other mental health practitioners as an added member of a young person’s team. 

I'm interested for my son or daughter though I don't know if they'll go for this…how do I propose it?


I can offer suggestions and coaching to parents on what I have found to work well during our initial phone conversation. I’ve been working with young adults for nearly 20 years and am usually able to connect and get someone interested, if not excited about the possibilities of us working together.  It should also be said that I very much welcome bringing a healthy suspicion of someone claiming to be a life coach to initial meetings.


How often do you meet?


We can meet bi-weekly, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or as needed. I usually meet more often early on in working with someone.

Where do you meet?


I have a main office in Santa Rosa on Farmer's Lane across from Montgomery Village.   I will sometimes meet for a hike, or if someone needs help landing a job we can meet out in the community and hit the streets together. (There's a Launch outpost in Sebastopol coming soon.)

What type of things have you helped people do?

-Land jobs (first jobs, better jobs, career-starting jobs)

-Find internships and apprenticeships 

-Explore early career paths

-Start small businesses

-Hold a vision of success out in the world ​

-Find motivation 

-Identify real world strengths and see pathways out into the world that utilize those strengths

-Research, apply to, and step into (or back into) college or vocational programs

-Claim ownership of their education and change old negative relationships and feelings about school

-Figure out next steps after high school

-Create anew, or reinvigorate uninspiring or stalled gap years

-Work through and transform self-limiting beliefs; identify and let go of behaviors that are self-sabotaging

-Move towards or become financially independent

-Help create mature relationships to money (budgeting, saving, curbing impulsivity)

-Get unstuck

Do you work with people younger than 18 or older than 28? 


I will sometimes work with 17 year olds who want help figuring out life after high school.  But I won't work with 17 year olds who don't want my help.   In terms of older than 28...I work with adults of all ages.  Launch is specialized towards supporting people in the transition into their adult lives.  If you are over 28 and interested in working with me, head here

Schedule a Free phone Consultation

If you are interested in learning more about my work and whether I could be a good fit, let's talk. Click here to schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation.

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