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Casey McCarroll  - founder


15+ years running an early career and life coaching practice (Launch)

In 2007 I started a mentoring practice for teens in the East Bay, and who showed up were young people in their late teens and 20's. My practice quickly evolved into coaching for young adults, and in short order I had a full practice. Over the years I've provided 1000's of hours of coaching and guidance to young people, during which time I developed and honed a unique approach and methodology.  In 2019 Launch moved from the East Bay to Sonoma County.  

8 years working as a high school transition and guidance counselor, and staff therapist

Holden High is a collectively run, private, alternative high school in the East Bay.  My main responsibility was helping students figure out life after high school.  I created a transition and college counseling program, developed curriculum, and taught life skills classes.  One of my classes was called "Cool Life", where we held a semester long inquiry into what makes an inspiring, meaningful, and successful life.  I helped students set up volunteer opportunities,  internships and apprenticeships, land jobs, and apply to college.

20+ year wilderness guide (roles: outdoor adventure program director, wilderness therapist, vision fast guide)

I'm a guide at heart.   My years of experience guiding people in back-country settings provides the foundation and deeply informs all of work I do.  As I guide, I help people navigate challenging external and internal landscapes. The art of guiding entails teaching the acquisition of new skills necessary for navigating difficult or unknown terrain, as well as supporting the exploration of said landscape.  In the context of Launch, I'm more often than not serving as a guide into one's adult life.


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I have Master's degree in somatic counseling psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  My education and therapeutic experience have been invaluable part of my development.  In my years working in therapeutic settings, witnessing young people struggle and sometimes suffer deeply, I became committed to creating and providing proactive structures that support development and maturity. I believe that our culture could be greatly served if we had more formal roles and structures that supported and guided people through life transitions vs. treating and pathologizing the symptoms that come from getting stalled out in the middle of one. Launch is a proactive, non-pathologizing, approach to supporting the life transition into adulthood.  While I work therapeutically in some settings I do not provide therapy, and do not asses for or treat mental illness or pathology in this private coaching practice. 

12+ years as a mentor and mentor trainer/supervisor for Bay Area rites of passage program

Stepping Stones Project was a non-profit that addressed the developmental needs of today’s youth by providing extended group mentoring and nature-based experiences, helping them to develop a strong sense of self, a solid internal compass to navigate life’s challenges, and a deep connection to nature.   Over the years, I've worn many different hats within the organization. Before the organization ended in 2021 I volunteered my time training and supervising leaders as well as developing curriculum.

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Below is a collection of testimonials and recommendations both from my private and organizational work and from the broader scope of my professional community.


I hope you know that you have contributed greatly to assist (my son) on his path. I could not be happier. Thank you again. Put this in your column of lives changed. -Parent


I sent my 23-year-old son to see Casey because he needed help in figuring out what he wanted to do with his life.  He had been struggling for several years.  Casey quickly sized up my son, figured out what he wanted, and helped him find a path that he was motivated to pursue.   Just four months after he started meeting with Casey, my son was moving forward in leaps and bounds.  He is now about to begin employment in a job that excites him, energizes him and allows him to have fun while working.  How many people can say that?!  I can't recommend Casey highly enough.  -Parent


As a parent you are always in the advocate role for your child. It is remarkable to find an individual that not only advocates for your child, but intentionally builds relationship, builds your child, and builds community AND advocates in a refreshing, new and personal way. This is not done from behind a desk, or bound by traditional boredom, or in a cold therapy session, but in well earned stepstones of rapport, integrity, life experiences, hikes, shared meals, trust and explorations. Our child seeks and trusts Casey because he knows Casey cares and values him. This is deserved. Casey has offered us, as parents, RESPITE, knowing we are not the only ones that “know and value” our child, and that someone else is there helping them develop a well earned voice and path in this complicated journey.-Parent


Casey is an experienced, talented, and grounded mentor. He has a natural way of meeting people where they are in life, helping them identify there own visions, and pushing them to and live their dreams. Casey helped me discover my passion and interest in becoming and outdoor educator and facilitated my journey in achieving that goal, I am now studying outdoor education at Prescott College. –Young man age 19


Over the past five years, Casey has been a co-worker at Holden High School, and has become a friend. He has a genuine and deep belief in service, so if you are lucky enough to be his client, he will work profoundly hard with you and for you. You can count on him. He is a remarkable case manager–he can coordinate the pieces while imagining and inventing new ones with you. I never know what Casey will say next, or figure out next. He’s a poster person for out-of-the box thinking. All of us come to forks in our roads where important, knowledgeable, creative decisions are called for. Casey is someone I’d want at my side for these times. — Joel Weber, retired co-director of Holden High School


Casey’s ability to listen to and advocate for a teenager and to act as a mediator between parent and child at this crucial developmental stage is superb. Casey is a perfect mix of calming energy, inspiration and guiding light! I feel very fortunate that my son has had his support. -Parent


We met Casey when my son went on a Wilderness Reflections Youth Quest where he was a guide. Subsequently, my son joined his mentoring program. Both my husband and I couldn’t be more impressed and grateful. Like a lot of teens, my son had some personal problems that were causing low self-esteem, and were holding him back from reaching his potential. From working with Casey, he has developed insight into who he is, his values and his goals, and this is helping him get through a very challenging high school environment with a positive perspective. In addition, my husband and I have a deeper understanding of our son’s strengths and challenges, and how to support him. Overall, Casey’s mentoring program has been a tremendous boon to our entire family. -Parent


Casey is a principled, kind (but firm), insightful mentor and group leader. Our son has genuinely benefited from his understanding of adolescent male development as well as his gentle guidance. –Parent


Casey is a powerful presence with the boys’ group and with their parents. He listens with non-judgmental intention and provides guidance through experiential wisdom instead of dogma. He has been a grounding inspiration to my son’s emotional growth. –Parent


I want to highly recommend Casey and his services. My son worked with him for 2 years at his high school. At first I totally didn’t ‘get’ the concept of a “Resource and Support” person…. But after my son worked with Casey it became really clear: Casey was someone with whom my son could talk about /everything — / school struggles, girlfriend issues, stuff going on at home, what his place in the world was looking like it was going to be. I had the sense that my son felt like his time with Casey was a safe space to explore becoming a young man, with someone he could relate to in a way that is so crucial at this age and stage of life. Casey supported my son’s passion for acting and film, and gave him concrete tools to explore where he wanted to go with these. They met at the school, and after my son graduated Casey continued to support him by helping him to build a website. They met in a variety of cafes, which my son loved! I thought it was terrific that Casey was able to continue his support in an ‘outside-the-box’ kind of way that my son clearly responded to. I think he’s a terrific role model for boys-becoming-men and I feel so grateful that he was a part of my son’s development along the way….. -Parent

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